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Getting older in this bond of ours...
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Author:  Hurricane Mir [ Tue Apr 12, 2011 11:11 am ]
Post subject:  Getting older in this bond of ours...

OK. I know some of y'all (if anyone even bothers to read the Greek Corner nowadays) well come in and say "well, I've BEEN old, so I've been doing these things".

This topic ain't for you old fogeys.

This is for the newly-recently dubbed OGs.

How does the bonds seem to you now, then say 5 years ago? Now, that you've done whatever service to your frat/home chapter/any chapter you've come across since?

Now that most of us early 2000s bondsmen/women are starting to go through "real" adulthood in life (marriages, kids, careers) how do you think the bond still fits in to your lives today? Does it fit in at all?

And what, if any mark have you left on the younger members for them to pass on?

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