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 Post subject: Eric Garner: I Cant Breathe
PostPosted: Thu Dec 04, 2014 12:31 pm 

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This is just my thoughts, in the moment. Feel free to add or discuss...they say sometimes it's just good to put your thoughts to words

I must say that my heart is heavier today than it was after the Mike Brown saga climaxed...

There are some differences between the two stories although they both ended tragically and with brutal unfairness. But you know, at least with the Mike Brown story there were somethings that were in question on both sides. The distance at which MB was shot, the fight that broke out in the squadcar, did he grab for the gun? Were they on the sidewalk or the road?

There are a number of questions left to assumption that went answered but uncomfirmed in the Mike Brown case. Sometimes that's how these things go when there's only one side availible to tell their side of the story. That being said at the very least, a good percentage of people felt that Darren Wilson shouldve been indicted. That didnt happen and we were upset. Riot ensues...

Enter Eric Garner.

There was no other side of the story. The video tape laid it all out for the world to see. The medical examiner concluded it was homicide and this time we ALL agreed. Say what you want about the illegal cigarettes and what Garner was doing, the tape shows a man that was clearly fed up with harrasment of law enforment. It was as if even HE was saying "enough is enoough". But all it took was for some rogue police officer who wanted to show off in front of his boys that he could take down a guy bigger than he was. At least Darren Wilson said he "feared for his life". This guy? He feared nothing. Not even persecution of the law because how do choke a man to the ground, you and 5 or 6 other guys, while he's gasping the words "I cant breathe" it times? Not one police office was intelligent (or humane) enough to say "hey he's saying he cant breath, maybe we should back off". Nope. They cuffed him, as he lay there to die. Like I said, that officer feared nothing. No fear of persecution, no fear of consequence, no fear of law *duh!* because it protects you, of course!

How does something like this even happen? Another black the hands of the people who are sworn to serve and protect. I literally HURT, almost to tears yesterday when I heard the news and re-watched the incident. I was angry. I'm still angry, because and the VERY least, that pathtetic group of people known as the "grand jury" couldnt for one day hop out of the bed with the PD and stand up for another human. What the hell is it going to take? Nobody knows, and for the sake of my kids and their future i'm kinda scared to find out...

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 Post subject: Re: Eric Garner: I Cant Breathe
PostPosted: Thu Dec 04, 2014 3:28 pm 
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Man, I'm at a lost for words. The evidence was right there in front of your face. A petty crime resulted in death, again. As I said in the other thread about the Brown situtation, yes the cop had a right to defend himself with the situation in his squad car, but when Brown ran away, Wilson shot at him, not to mention 12 f*cking rounds. He feared for his life? If that's the case, he should fear for his life everyday as a cop.

Now, the Garner situation, that was pretty cut and dry. Blatant choke hold, 7 cops present, plus you had him on the ground and still had him in a choke hold, and might I add, something that was prohibited with the NYPD. It's a black n white issue but I look at it more as right and wrong. I spoke with one of my frat bros lastnight, who's a cop in Miami and he was at a lost for words.

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 Post subject: Re: Eric Garner: I Cant Breathe
PostPosted: Wed Dec 10, 2014 11:29 am 
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Check out Stephen A Smith's take on that on First Take on YouTube. Very insightful.

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